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Egino’s DIY Plant Food – Superfood for your plants!

We’re very pleased to announce Egino Emerging’s first product: a simplified do it yourself kit to make your own batch of worm casting plant food: truly one of the best fertilizers on the planet.

We’ve developed an ingenious recipe and process to make this nutritious treat for your houseplants and gardens at home. All it takes is a packet of Egino’s DIY Plant Food, a 5 litre water can, some water, and a few hours to sit. You just add the contents of the packet to a watering can (or a bucket, or anything that can hold 5 litres), add about 5 litres of water (rainwater is best, or water that’s been sitting out is good, or just straight from your tap), then stir and let sit for an hour or two. For best results, stir a few more times while waiting to get some oxygen into the water.

What’s happening in your water can is this: the microbes in the worm castings are mixing with the sweetener in the packet in the water, along with a bit of oxygen. This is producing a rich cocktail of beneficial microbial life that will invigorate your soil, feed your plants, build up roots and help protect from plant pests.

Just use the contents of your watering can to water your plants as normal. Divide the dregs among your plants that need the most care.

Impossible to overfeed your plants with Egino’s Plant Food. It’s also naturally pet safe.

Not only are you giving your plants the very best plant food available, you’re supporting the Egino Emerging project, which creates safer, more inclusive communities and a healthier environment.


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