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About Egino Emerging

Egino Emerging is a gathering of like-minded volunteers, academics, social entrepreneurs and guerrilla gardeners determined to make a profound difference in neglected communities.

Expanding on the ethos of the Incredible Edible network, and endorsed by Incredible Edible CIC, Egino Emerging connects disused land with socially excluded people to create inclusive opportunities for positive engagement within regenerative agriculture.

Whether it's growing food to donate to food banks, or creating a vermiculture social enterprise designed to enable self-sufficiency for the socially excluded, Egino Emerging employs a wholistic approach to deal with ecological and social issues and arrive at effective solutions.

Egino Emerging has negotiated with government agencies to convert disused land in secure locations for use as vegetable gardens. 

Land that was once fallow is now growing vegetables to share.

Home Grown Vegetables
Image by Madalyn Cox

Egino Emerging has created a safe and inviting space where socially excluded individuals can participate in activities that give their life meaning.


These spaces create safer, more connected communities which reduce impact on government support services.

Egino Emerging combines disused land with socially excluded people to produce fresh, locally-grown food for donation to food banks and food share programmes.


Meaningful activity + repurposed land + lower food miles + free food = wider community benefits

Image by Elaine Casap
Image by Tim Cooper

Egino Emerging creates self sufficiency opportunities for  people via regenerative agriculture.

We're combining our experience to create self-sustaining social enterprises, turning food waste into saleable compost.

This is only the start. Egino Emerging is expanding its links with organisations and experts and is rolling-out proven solutions. The development of quality local products with environmental integrity, its inclusive employment opportunities, benefit everyone we work with.


We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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