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Turn Prison Waste into Community Treasures with our Free Worm Farming eBook

We're excited to announce the launch of our new free ebook, "HMP Worm Farm: Turning Waste Into Opportunities" - an illustrated guide to reducing the carbon footprint of Her Majesty's Prisons through vermiculture projects that give back.

Prisoners happily tending a large worm farm
Prison Worm Farm courtesy of The Urban Worm

Vermiculture, or worm-based composting, allows prisons to convert food and paper waste into valuable fertiliser. This "black gold" can then be used for sustainable gardens within prison grounds or donated to community green spaces like school gardens and urban farms.

Setting up an HMP worm farm is a straightforward process when done properly, but it does require some knowledge. Our new ebook provides prisoners and guards alike with step-by-step instructions on establishing and maintaining a thriving worm population that can handle large amounts of organic waste.

From sourcing the right bin or bedding materials, to care and feeding advice, this guide aims to make vermiculture accessible and understandable for beginners. Through clear explanations and informative illustrations, you'll learn critical techniques like:

- Selecting the best composting worms for your climate

- Balancing nutrients to create ideal worm bedding

- Maintaining proper moisture and airflow

- Troubleshooting common issues

- Safely harvesting high-quality, nutrient-rich worm castings

Crucially, our ebook also focuses on how prisoners can develop valuable new skills through hands-on vermiculture projects. Maintaining an on-site worm farm requires patience, care, and consistency - qualities that serve people well both inside prisons and upon re-entry.

Participants also gain knowledge around science, waste management, agriculture, and environmental responsibility. These lessons can inspire incarcerated people to reduce reoffending rates and build careers in the sustainability sector after release.

Overall, our goal is to champion HMP worm farms as a "win-win-win" - bettering incarcerated people, prisons, and the wider community. By downloading our free ebook, you can join us in this mission and start reaping the radical rewards of vermiculture.

Ready to turn your prison's waste into a community asset? Download "HMP Worm Farm: Turning Waste Into Opportunities" absolutely free. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

HMP Worm Farm
Download PDF • 27.93MB


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