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Prison worm farms in the UK?

Egino Emerging is committed to developing a pathway to self-employment for people with convictions. Our vermiculture pathway will create safer communities, healthier environment and reduce impact on social services. We feel this is an easily implementable way to address a number of pressing societal needs.

But it’s a bit of new thing. The idea of enabling serving prisoners to create fertilizer from prison waste is not very well known in the UK. And when we mention prison worm farms in the UK, many people think we’ve lost our marbles. We get that.

The best part is we’re not the first people to be doing this. Prisons have been converting waste to fertilizer for years. On an industrial level, too.

We’ve been speaking to a lot of different people about the realities of vermicomposting within prisons. One US institution comes up over and over: Washington Correctional Facility at Monroe. For years the prisoners themselves innovative food waste composting solutions with almost no overheads.

Here’s a short video of the inmate leader of the project explaining the process.

Of course, there’s a lot more to it. And the UK is not the USA. Let’s face it: developing a composting solution within a prison is easier said than done. But we're committed to introducing worm farms in the UK.

But this is where Egino Emerging can help. With our experience and understanding of the criminal justice environment, we can help secure institutions innovate a composting solution from the ground up. A solution that meets the needs of governors, staff and inmates. A solution that saves the prison money and reduces carbon footprints while giving prisoners hands-on vocational training in regenerative agriculture. It’s a win win.


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