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People enjoy helping people

We've had some unexpected volunteers in one of our potato patches. A team repairing a drainage pipe took a break from their work to help us dig a new potato patch!

As the lads were onsite for the last few days undertaking very difficult drain fixing work on an old building, a few of our volunteers got to talking with them. We explained that we're growing potatoes to donate to the local food bank.

They saw us working the soil the old fashioned way with nothing but shovels and forks and must have taken pity on us. They offered to double the size of our new potato patch in a few minutes using their mini-digger. The volunteers watched in awe as the big machine created newly tilled soil in less time than to make a cup of tea.

Volunteering is a powerful way to make a meaningful contribution to our society. It not only helps us create safer communities, greener environment and more opportunities for socially excluded people, it also brings people together and gives them a sense of purpose and belonging.

We all have something to contribute when it comes to helping others. Whether it’s offering time, skills or resources, volunteering provides an opportunity for everyone to get involved in making a positive difference in their community. By providing the right route for volunteers to help out, we can ensure that everyone has the chance to get involved and make a real impact on those who need it most.

The potatoes that arrive into local food banks this autumn will be produced by many hands and so many individual efforts. Administrators and purchasing teams in far away buildings approving actions and placing orders, local management clearing the way for volunteers to work the land, a never-ending cycle of casual volunteers either adding their thoughts and ideas or physical labour, and our loyal crew of regular volunteers, are all contributing to making a difference in our communities.

We'd like to thank everyone for helping out. Including a couple of lads with a digger. We're all doing our part to tackle some serious issues in our communities.


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