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Egino Emerging gets a boost from the lottery

We are delighted to announce that Egino Emerging has won funding from the Lottery Awards for All community fund. This generous donation will help us to continue our mission of creating safer communities, a greener environment, and opportunities for socially excluded people. 2023 is going to be an amazing year.

This funding will help us to further our volunteer work, which is essential in helping us achieve our goals. Our volunteers have been working tirelessly over the years, and this award is a welcome boost that will enable us to do even more. With this additional support, we can reach more people in need and create an even bigger impact on all our lives.

We’ve got big plans for the year. We’ve got wormeries to build, food waste composting systems to organise, vegetables to grow for the food bank, troubled lives to change, and so much more. With this funding, we’ll be able to focus on making things happen for not only our excluded volunteers but for the wider community and our environment.

Make no mistake, our project is still 100% run by volunteers. Every penny of this award will be spent on equipment and tools to move us towards becoming a self-sustaining social enterprise. We’ll be putting our first products on sale very soon with every penny of profit to be ploughed back into Egino Emerging.

After all these years of our volunteers, all of whom are on benefits, reaching into their pockets to buy seeds and tools to grow vegetables to donate to food banks, it’s amazing to know that people are pulling for us and want to help us out financially.

Awards for All has graciously given us the seeds to germinate our own social enterprise vegetable garden and we’ll be sharing the produce with the wider community.

Thanks again. We’ll do our best to make everyone proud of this investment.


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