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We're looking for prisoner artists

As part of our Vermiculture Pathway, Egino Emerging is putting together a book on how prisons can turn their waste into compost. We're filling this book with illustrations to fully explain how prisoners and prison staff can get started in vermiculture quickly and easily.

Rather than hiring a graphic designer to provide illustrations, we know HMPs are filled with amazing artists. So it makes sense to see if we can engage prisons to explore if it's possible for prisoners to provide artwork for the book. After all, the book is aimed at prisoners, so who better than serving prisoners to provide illustrations?

We want to provide photos of what we'd like illustrated. Prisoners can provide pen and ink drawings of their artistic interpretation of the photos or art work we send. The illustrations are about composting within prison.

With permission, we'd credit each artist in the book, or a pseudonym, and, if allowed, we can provide small compensation for each work we use. We'd love to provide artists with their first commission as graphic artists.

If you're involved with teaching art in HMPs, or to prison leavers, or know someone who is, please contact us to discuss. Of course security and safety is paramount in this project. We will respect everyone in this process. We are more than happy to work through any and all precautions.

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