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A Hand Up, Not a Handout

We’ve got big plans this year. We’ve expanded our growing areas to produce a bigger crop of potatoes to donate to food banks. We’ve secured locations to build worm farms. We’re making connections and seizing opportunities for further growth. It’s going to be a big year.

But we haven’t lost sight of the main driving force for Egino Emerging: personal agency. It’s only through enabling socially excluded people to take back control of their own lives and future plans that we’ll achieve long lasting positive changes in our communities and environment. Personal autonomy means our volunteers drive the project forward and innovate new ideas.

Our volunteers are building a project that will eventually become self-sustaining, financially. That’s the underlying goal that we’re all striving towards. However, like most endeavours, we need to spend money to get the project off the ground. We have seed potatoes to buy. Wormeries to build. And all the accoutrement that surrounds these endeavours. We have an excellent make-do and mend ethos. And we’re very good at upcycling found items. But we’ll need some funding to push us to the next level.

We don’t need much. None of our volunteers takes a salary. On the contrary, some of our volunteers are on benefits but will spend their own meagre income on buying seeds and kit for the garden. The owners of the land we’re on continue to help us out as much as they can but it’s difficult for them in these times of budget cuts.

So, we’re reaching out. We’re searching for investment in the future of not only the project, but for the lives affected. We’ve added a Support Us opportunity for those interested in making a financial contribution to the project.

We’re not looking for handouts. We’re looking for a hand up. With a bit of help, we can build something amazing that changes lives for all of us, now and into the future.

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